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Head Shots!

Like many people I know – I hate having my photo taken. I’ve gotten better about it over the years, mainly because when my grandmother died many many years ago, one heartbreaking moment was my grandfather confessing that the day before she got so sick she had to go to the hospital, they were scheduled to have a portrait taken of the two of them for their 50th anniversary. He balked at the photo shoot and refused to do it, … Read the rest


Albuquerque Classes Report

I was lucky enough to be invited to teach Pitaya Necklace to some really amazing beaders in Albuquerque last weekend. It started out small. A regular customer of mine, Bonnie, saw me at my booth in Tucson, and asked if I might be able to teach a private class in Albuquerque when I was in the area for Bead Fest Santa Fe in March. I figured, why not? I’d stay over an extra night, and we’d do the class that … Read the rest


Secret news – not secret any longer!

I have been holding some really important secret news close to my heart since mid-February. It’s been KILLING me to not be able to share with you! Because you guys know, I share everything! But today I got permission to announce it….
I’m writing a book!
(Two books, actually!)
I have signed a contract with Lark Publishing to write two books. The first will be part of the amazing Master Class series on beaded ropes. I couldn’t be more honored … Read the rest

"Simple" Designs

The simplest of designs are often the hardest to accomplish. When there’s not a lot of layers and extra beads to hide behind, every single stitch counts. The beads must lay just so. Be exactly right. And sometimes it’s easy to mistake an elegantly conceived piece as simple.

But let me tell you about that simple piece. I have been working for six hours now on a simple piece. I’ve changed bead sizes. I’ve tried out different bead shapes. I’ve … Read the rest


Whirl & Twirl

At last, I arrived back home Wednesday afternoon. It seemed like twice the distance I drove getting to Santa Fe! The strong pull to be home home home was the culprit, I’m sure. I spend much of the next 10 weeks getting to BEAD! And DESIGN! And, oh yeah – there’s this little thing called the Bead & Button Show that I need to get ready for as well.

I made Mom laugh like a hyena today as I was … Read the rest


Bead Fest Santa Fe: By the Numbers

766 – miles from my front door to the Santa Fe Convention Center
14 – hours it took me to drive nonstop on Thursday to get there
12 – the time of night I arrived
2 – the time of morning I went to bed because I was glued to the Japan earthquake/tsunami coverage on tv
6 – the hour the alarm clock went off
3 – number of curse words used when the alarm clock went off
20 – … Read the rest


Packin’ up the suitcases again

One more big trip to get through, and after that, while I do have a quick overnight trip to Lake Jackson, and a vacation weekend visiting a friend in Phoenix, I will be HOME until the beginning of June.

And what do I plan to do while I’m home, you might ask?? Well! Let me tell you.

First, I intend to play with the beads. Lots and lots of time sitting  and designing the beautiful items I’ve dreamed up in … Read the rest


Pretty Tucson photos

I still owe you the STORY of Tucson Tales, The Finale, but in the meantime, here’s some fun photos!

We have a LOT of fun in Tucson!

The top photo is an overview of the loot I brought home. Smaller photos are close-ups. Most of this is for kits!

The artisan beads and buttons I couldn’t resist. From top left going clockwise, buttons from Raven’s Journey; lampwork by Ellie Mac; lampwork by Isis Ray; and a spectacular wooden bead by
Read the rest

Beading Shortcuts

I’m probably about to disappoint you. Because I’ll bet you read the title of this post and got all excited to learn some tips to make your beadweaving faster and more efficient. But guess what?? Nope.

Instead I felt compelled to tell you all that I’m not a big believer in beadweaving shortcuts. Gasp! I know! It’s not like I haven’t tried them – I do, all the time. And what I find is that taking two stitches at once … Read the rest


Writing the Blog

From June:

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog. That’s partly because life is comparatively calm right now, and I can’t think of anything to write. Well that’s not exactly true, stuff is going on, but it’s stuff I can’t talk about yet. So…..oh look! What an amazing sparkle.

Okay, I’m back now. Trying to think of something to write about. Winston! Winston, drop that! Winston……!

Back again. Oh, there’s the phone. Out of town number. … Read the rest


Tucson Tales, Part II

The buildup before coming to Tucson is immense. So much planning and creation and anticipation. The appointed day finally arrives and it’s instant and pure joy! Seeing my beady friends from across the world, vendors and customers alike. I miss them mightily between shows. They are my tribe! My family! The people that get me and my obsession with tiny beads and the beauty we can create with them.

So for five days, we all gathered at The Best Bead … Read the rest


Tucson Tales, Part I

I sat down tonight to write an email to Mom to tell her all about the craziness of this day, but then I decided y’all would want to hear it all too. So now it’s a letter to ALL of you!

So….you may not have noticed this, but it’s C O L D outside. I don’t care where you are in the US, it’s way colder than usual. And I live in Texas, therefore, I do not have cold weather … Read the rest


Same Song, Same Verse

From June: It seems like no matter how much we try, we can’t seem to get ahead when getting ready for a big show. Originally we weren’t going to do a show at Tucson this year – Jill was just going to shop. But at pretty much the last minute, we decided to do the Best Bead Show again. So Jill’s been working long hours ordering beads and making kits for the last couple of weeks.… Read the rest


Happy 2011!

You know, I was thinking last night, wasn’t Y2K just a few years ago? How did we end up in the double digits of this century so fast??? It kind of makes my brain hurt!

You know what else makes my brain hurt? Preparing for all the new things happening here at Tapestry Beads this year! It’s the time of year where we’re finalizing a bunch of new kit designs, and picking colorways and making samples of them all. So … Read the rest


Participating in The Best Little Bead Box project!

Please forgive me for cross-posting, but I wanted y’all to know about this cool project I got to participate in if you don’t know about it already!

I really don’t know how he did it, but my postman managed to get both GIGANTIC Best Little Bead Boxes stuffed into one of our community mailbox lockers. I practically needed a crow bar to get them out of there! And I also thanked my lucky stars that I live directly across the … Read the rest


Holy Cannoli

Man, when I owe you a blog post, I REALLY owe you a blog post! I have yet to tell you all about the fun and interesting Beaducation video shoot (went great – I’m known as One Take Wiseman there!) And I do have stories and photos. But honestly? It’s going to be next week before I have a spare moment to write a coherent account!

Why? Oh, because I’m INSANE! Wait. You knew that already. Why do I keep … Read the rest


BABE report

Bead people are SO MUCH FUN! I’ve discovered it over and over again as I travel to new places from coast to coast and it makes me happy. We share passion for color and texture and beautiful things. We have a joie de vivre that shows in our faces and interactions. We have a common language. A special “handshake” (consisting of going straight to the jewelry one is wearing and exclaiming upon it.) It’s no wonder I adore bead shows … Read the rest


The annual technology meltdown

At least once a year you get one of these blog posts, don’t you? The sad, frenzied madwoman, trying to cobble together a host of printers and faxes and scanners and whatnot to get her danged job done! Where’s my IT Help Desk when I need it??

This time, it’s still partially an after effect of the flooring redo. We had to unhook everything and rehook it up and we moved the printer to a farther away spot which necessitated … Read the rest


A little of this, a little of that

I think I’ve mentioned before that while I used to be a great multi-tasker, age is taking it’s toll, and I now function best doing one thing at a time. I don’t actually hate it. I do think my focus is much better that way, and I don’t make as many mistakes.

BUT! When I have a bazillion things to do, it’s hard for me to switch around from project to project, because I would actually like to finish things … Read the rest


Sluggin’ and Chuggin’ Along

Somehow I thought I’d be done moving back in the house by now, but I certainly should have known better. But massive progress is being made. Tonight I was up all night working on the monster known as The Bead Room. I need a trip to The Container Store and a trip to Big Lots for more storage containers. There are about 7 boxes of mishmash that need to be sorted through and homes found for the contents. I’m still … Read the rest