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My brother, the hero

And this would be a photo that was on the Stateman’s home page yesterday – a story about how an oodle of firefighters worked for 3.5 hours to get a 6 month old cat out of a drainage hole in the street. Evidentally, the cat got chased down there, but was then physically stuck. She meowed for days and her owner was working with the City Water Dept, etc, trying to figure out how to rescue her.

I’m not sure

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Today’s projects

I’m still in beading mode today, and here, finally, are the photos I promised the other day. I was making the sample for the new Bubbles & Bumps necklace kit which I want to match up with the awesome colors from the Curly-Q bangle. But I’m a little worried that the green is overpowering in the necklace. I love it – but will everyone else? Should I be using bronze seed beads instead of the green between the bumps? What … Read the rest


Peace and quiet

Today was lovely all around. I had lunch with a friend and it was a good talk and I’m always happy when I make the effort to find time for my friends. I’m not very good at it I’m afraid to report. Partially because my work schedule is all over the place, partially because I’m a hermit at heart, happy to sit and bead while watching American Idol. I’m working hard at making a better effort though, because I’ve realized … Read the rest


Why does my house look like a tornado has ripped through it? Oh yeah! It’s because a 23 lb. one has been living here the past few days! Today was a little rough around the edges because Auntie Jill fumbled the nap by trying to put Alexis down too early. After that, the moment was gone. Cranky became the mood of the late afternoon and around dinner I escaped to go teach a class.

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All present and accounted for

I’m delighted to report that all humans (small and large), felines, and canines are still alive and well in the Wiseman household. Adding in one rather compact wiggly baby girl to our usual mix of mild chaos is kinda like putting a cat in a hen house. All previous balance and order is instantly a distant memory.

When Alexis napped today, we ALL napped. Now that she’s gone to bed (okay, actually a couple of hours ago, but don’t let … Read the rest


I hate it when that happens

There’s little that makes me more upset than having to cancel a class because I’m sick. But doggone it, I had to do it tonight. When I woke up Saturday morning my throat was on fire and I knew the class probably wasn’t gonna happen. It’s a fine line between cancelling early enough to get in touch with everyone, but waiting as long as possible to see if I feel better. I finally decided that it was silly to take … Read the rest


Hanging on

I’m not a sweet little sick thing. When I get sick I get whiny, cranky, and just plain annoying. I’m even annoyed with myself at this point. I made a break for it since I was feeling a little better when I got up this morning – decided to haul myself down to the International Gem & Jewelry show downtown in a futile search for a specific color, shape, and size of pearl. I should have known it was a … Read the rest


I like this flying stuff

I think it’s a measure of the progress of my career in beading that I suddenly find myself flying to shows instead of logging endless hours of driving cross country. I made the decision today to even fly to Bead & Button this year. Gulp.

The normal show set up comes with all manner of items I’ve deemed necessary over the years. Our carefully considered lighting contraption, lots of rolly carts to keep the kits organized, tables, tubs, yada, yada. … Read the rest


Got Vitamin C?

Bah. I’ve come down with a cold. I kinda felt it coming on when I was flying back home, but I was trying to ignore it and hoping I was wrong. Not so much. My voice lasted through last night’s class, and today I sound like…well…a croaking frog? I’m going to try to take it a little easy today and rest up so I can rebound, but taking the day off totally isn’t really an option.

I decided to add … Read the rest


Home, Sweet Home

The trip home was uneventful – I even mysteriously sailed through security for the first time in years! And blissfully, I had an empty seat beside me on both legs of the trip. On the first flight it was literally the ONLY empty seat. Even better, with Anne pep talk (she’s so good at it) I was driven to be working on new designs while on the airplane and I accidentally hit on something really good! I mean, Really Good. … Read the rest