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Munchkin time

I’m so very happy that I get to go visit my Munchkin in a little bit. That’s my niece, Alexis, for those of you who don’t speak Munchkinese. Mom came up with the nickname and it’s really stuck for us – although I don’t know that Rich or Becky ever call her that. But in our house, it’s an honored moniker! Mom and I purchased her a giant stuffed doggie that we’re taking her. She’s living in an all cat … Read the rest


Catching up

I have been notified by Kathryn that I am falling down on my blogging duties. How else is she supposed to know what I’m up to??

Truthfully, I’ve been dragging around like a half-asleep zombie the last few days. I’m really having difficulty getting that energy level up where it needs to be for maximum production mode. But I’m actually making some pretty substantial changes to make that happen. That whole eating right, sleeping, and exercising thing…yada, yada…but I know … Read the rest


Home is good

A crazy and long day of traveling yesterday. It started out with pure panic – remember how my shuttle was picking me up at 4:15am? Yeah, well, I woke up at 4:06am! You’ve never seen such throwing of things into suitcases in your life. But doggone it, I caught the shuttle (it was five minutes late) and I was even standing there, waiting for it when it arrived. I apologize to my seat neighbors on the trip about the no … Read the rest


Day Two – Natives getting restless

I ache. Oh, I ache. It’s one of those things where you don’t really even notice it until you stop moving. And then it’s like, OUCH! When I drive to a show I bring some spongy mats to put on the floor in the booth so I’m not spending all day standing on hard concrete. But it’s kinda hard to pack those in your luggage, so hard concrete it is. Happily, a good night’s sleep will cure a world of … Read the rest


Puget Sound, Day One

That title sounds like a plane crash survivor’s diary or something, doesn’t it? (Yes, I have an active imagination.)

Today’s show was really nice. The facilities at the convention center couldn’t be nicer, and it was a nicely solid stream of people in the hall today. Mostly the students of the various classes. Saturday will bring us a lot more of the local citizens who have jobs and couldn’t attend today. People were very receptive to the kits even though … Read the rest


Zombie Jill

Just a quick post – a proof of life, if you will. The trip to Tacoma was blessedly uneventful. I’m delighted by the cool temperatures and the beautiful surroundings. My hotel room is bigger than most single bedroom apartments, and it’s directly across the street from the convention center. My commute to my booth is approximately 60 seconds. SWEET!

But I got just 2 hours of sleep prior to starting to travel, and then collapsed in bed at the hotel … Read the rest


Some things never change

Every show, I have the highest of expectations that I’m not going to play the same Stay Up All Night Before I Have to Leave game – and every time, my hopes are dashed.

So I have to wake up around 4:30am to get on a 7:30am flight. And it’s 11:45pm. And I’m up. And I still haven’t:
Packed my clothes
Packed any of my projects I’ll be working on
Figured out what I’m going to wear since it’s only … Read the rest


Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Evidence that I might be one nut shy of a full load:

1. It’s 4am, and I’m going to crawl into bed soon, and I’m eating watermelon.

2. I have the world’s most destructive dog and I left my laptop power source cord out where…(wait for it…wait for it…)

3. He ate it. Chewed it into a tangle of wires. This counts as its own number on the list because I’m the one who hasn’t taken him for training and … Read the rest


Printing fool

Tonight is Printing Night – I’ve got a bunch of patterns to print, as well as the patterns for the kits I’m making. I’m learning even more lessons about this new printer of mine as I work it this hard.

You know when you’re first starting out with beading? And you’re not sure how much you’re going to do it, and you’re trying out all the cheap inexpensive materials you can find because you can’t imagine that the “good stuff” … Read the rest


Watch out – Jill’s playing with wire!

I got the chance to assist one of Mick’s classes Sunday night at Nomadic Notions. It’s a technique I’ve been wanting to play with for the longest time – as a matter of fact, I had the materials picked out and purchased about a year ago to work on it! Just never found the time. So assisting the class was a perfect way for me to justify the play time.

No big surprise – while everyone else was putting crystals … Read the rest



I love watching fireworks! Back when I was growing up in Wisconsin, Mom and Rich & I would pile down to Riverside Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin to watch them every year. There was a band shell in the park where the big band would play, and the place would be jam packed. It was especially fun after Mom bought us a battery operated mega phone which we used with abandon. It was loud Oooooohhhs as the rocket gained altitude … Read the rest


It’s the little things that trip you up

I love my computer. I mean, I really LOVE my computer. I can’t remember a life before computers, and really, who wants to? The internet is my really big backyard to play in. But sometimes, ohmygawd, it really tries to kill me.

All I’m doing is trying to print out the instructions for tonight’s class. File, Print, Enter. Simple, right? But here’s the rub – when we bought our newest computer six or so months ago, it came with the … Read the rest


I have the password!

Yup, this is June. Jill gave me the password to the blog account. Silly girl. This is your chance – What would y’all like to know about Jill?

Well, she’s been confusing me lately anyway. For several nights in a row, she has gone to bed at a reasonable hour and slept through the night! I have to tell you that as a child, she did what most people do: slept at night and stayed awake during the day. She
Read the rest

Holy Cow – July??

I looked at the date on my computer about three times today – how on Earth can it be July?? I swear I thought I had a few more weeks of June left…

I spent most of the day yesterday working on various computer related tasks. Instructions to write, instructions to update, letters to write. Today I’ll make a quick trip to the post office and mail off some goodies. Then back home to work on a few more loose … Read the rest



As promised – here are two of the three new projects for Nomadic Notions classes.

The first is Piazza Perline. I’ll be teaching it twice next quarter, but I expect they will both fill quite quickly, so if you’re desperate to get in, make sure you’re at the store or calling in on July 15th.

The second is Butterfly Kisses – I’ll also be offering this class twice over the quarter. It’s a single meeting class, and the necklace will … Read the rest


A little more tease

I have two of the three new projects for Nomadic Notions (and eventually other places too) finished, but I’m seriously too tired tonight to get the photos taken and posted. I promise I’ll get it done Saturday. Maybe at 11:59pm, but eventually I’ll get it done!

The trick is that the house is being invaded early Saturday by my brother and Munchkin Alexis. He’s going to do some manly chores around the house while Mom and I get a fix … Read the rest


Where has the week gone?

I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I’m pretty sure some mischievous elf put a spell on me and made me fast forward through Wednesday and Thursday this week. I surely can barely remember them!

I’ve made good and significant progress on the new designs though. I’m close (oh so close!) to a point where I can share them with you. Probably Sunday. And I’m trudging along on kit restocking so I can ship the goodies to Tacoma for the Puget … Read the rest


Designing ain’t for sissies

I spent a very frustrating day today, trying to pull designing brilliance out of my head and hands. I think it’s safe to say I found a whole bunch of ways NOT to do what I was attempting to create! And while no one likes frustration, you’ve got to put up with some to get to the good stuff. And late tonight, I finally got to the good stuff. Sigh of relief!!

Now, on the flip side of THAT, a … Read the rest


There are a lot of up days and down days in this life of mine. Good days where your class goes well, and the new design is awesome, and you got a lot done. Bad days where the package of beads you desperately need doesn’t arrive in the mail, you can’t make a good color choice to save your life, or someone stomps on you. (Or the dog eats…fill in the blank…)

And then there are the days that come … Read the rest


One free dog

Slightly used, adorable, and known to chew anything within reach. Yes, it’s true. Winston strikes again. He got his little doggie canines on Mom’s glasses. Within minutes, POOF! They were history. Don’t get me wrong – they didn’t get swallowed by the Great Gut of Winnie, but they are destroyed both frame and lenses.

Mom’s got her old pair to tide her over until she can replace them, but it’s an older prescription, of course, so her vision isn’t that … Read the rest