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It’s Amazing What You Can Find in the Bead Room

From June:
A while ago I was in our bead room and stumbled upon a freeform bracelet that I’d started a long time ago. I just love freeform because there are no mistakes! It’s all a part of the design.

Anyway, I worked on the bracelet in between tending customers at the Austin Bead Society Show last weekend. I found a great antique button at Carol Willie’s booth, and I’m pretty happy with the way the bracelet turned out.

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Nothing – that’s exactly what I did on Labor Day, and it was blissful! I slept 18 out of 24 hours and feel mostly rested again. I caught up on reading the newspapers from the last week. I read magazines. Two!! And Mom and I made a trip to Best Buy so I could test out netbook computers, followed by a delicious dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Nummm.

It was just what I needed. The Austin Bead Society Show was … Read the rest


No longer in Dallas!

I’m very ashamed. I just got this email from my dear friend:

I have read about your leaving for Dallas 4000 times……..yes, we need an update on Jill. Hugs, Kath

And all of a sudden I realized it’s been like a WEEK since I posted. And yet it really feels more like one very (VERY VERY) long day.

So after I got back from Philly on Monday night, I faced a daunting task: getting ready to leave on Friday to … Read the rest


Dallas, here I come…

It’s sometimes hard to put the last show behind me and refocus on the next one coming…but this week I’ve got no time for dilly dallying! I leave for Dallas on Friday afternoon to teach 3 classes over the weekend for the mighty Dallas Bead Society.

One of the classes I’m teaching for them I have not offered as a kit before, so I’m putting a few colorways together especially for them. I imagine they’ll make it to the regular … Read the rest



Philadelphia folks are SERIOUS about their beads!

What a trip it’s been, and it’s not over yet. I still have Sunday at the Expo Hall, and then the madness of packing the remains up in a semi-organized manner when the party ends at 5pm. One more night in the hotel and lastly a non-stop (bliss!) flight home to be reunited with the family – human and furry alike.

My flight here was a breeze…I didn’t get lost with my rental … Read the rest


Making a list and checking it twice

  1. Massage to soothe the poor body which will be subjected to three solid days standing on a concrete floor. Check.
  2. Pedicure to soothe the poor feetsies which will also be subject to above torment. And to look cute. Check.
  3. New clothing to adorn the poor body which…yada, yada. Check.
  4. Group A boarding pass procured for Southwest Airlines flight in the morning. Group A! Check.
  5. Laundry and packing done. Umm…
  6. Updated Butterfly Kisses instructions printed out. Well…
  7. Facebook status updated every
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Not what I expected

I had PLANNED on having a full and fast-paced weekend. Right up until Friday, aka, the day Jill would like to have skipped. I had a more than full plate last week, between writing instructions for Saturday’s Evening Song class, getting my kits made and shipped out to Philly on Friday, and making some new color choices for Piazza Perline among others. I made a pact with myself to work on the accounting stuff for a minimum of an hour … Read the rest


Accounting 101

Basic rule of accounting for small businesses. Keep good records.


I’m making up for a world of hurt at the moment, however. I found two new online services that are thrilling me beyond what any accounting type program should. The first is a simplified online bookkeeping system ( that I can wrap my head around. So many of them are way overloaded with features that I just don’t need right now. I don’t have a payroll. My … Read the rest


Accomplishments, big and small

I have confessed more than a few times on this blog that I lack a certain amount of work ethic unless I’ve got deadlines to keep me on track. I think I may have found another thing that will kick me into high gear – getting so hopelessly behind that I’m about to lose my tenuous grip on control.

It’s finally gotten to the point where I can’t really even function in a reasonable manner – the scramble to get … Read the rest


Pretty pictures

Oh, how I wish I had time to write the expansive and thoughtful blog post you all deserve to find here. But instead I’m sitting at the computer at 3:45am, chugging down ibuprofin and BBQ, trying to find a second wind to complete a myriad of supply orders that HAVE to be placed on Monday. I can barely reach the keyboard because of the beads and papers and samples piled in front of me on the desk. It’s a sad, … Read the rest


It’s been one of THOSE weeks

Oh, how happy I am this week is almost over. It’s been one challenge after another, none of them bead-related for a change!

I had a restful drive home from Shreveport on Monday. I’m SO glad I stayed that extra night. I was tired and run-down going into the weekend, and then got even more so at the retreat. Next year I VOW to be more rested and ready ahead of time so I can get there earlier, stay up … Read the rest


Hanging out in Shreveport

Wow. What a retreat! The annual Shreveport Bead Retreat this weekend was a whirlwind of beady friend reunions and amazing classes and nonstop laughter, as per usual. There’s a reason why I look forward to the two bead retreats each year! We had a lot of new faces this year as some of our regulars had to sit out this retreat for a variety of reasons, and it was delightful getting to know and encourage them.

Julie, who sat near … Read the rest


When Tools Attack

From June:
It probably says something about the state of (un)organization in our house that Jill could knock a whole rack of jewelry tools off the coffee table onto her foot. Or maybe the tools jumped. Who knows?

So we’re sitting there watching TV and calmly (I thought) putting together kits, when suddenly there is this crash and yelp from Jill. The first thing Jill says is (Jill being Jill): “Go get the camera.” Well, actually, that’s not true. The … Read the rest


Learning I’m normal

One of the great things about my job is that I get to work at home. But one of the bad things about my job is that I’m stuck at home. Usually alone and in a feedback vacuum. Logically, I know my beadwork projects and classes are good and that I have a large fan base. I know that we designers make it look easy, but the truth is that many of our projects are darned hard to figure out. … Read the rest


Let’s nickname them Vegas Rivolis!

Check out what Swarovski is coming out with…Ultra Rivolis! No info on a release date yet. Thanks to Dulcey Heller for the info!… Read the rest



….some unnamed necklace that I finally finished designing and beading tonight! Woo-hoo! I’m so very happy with it. As usual, it looks even a million bucks better in person than in the photo. I probably spent more time working out the details of this design than any other of my previous projects.

Simple and elegant is tough, you know. All the bits and pieces show – there’s no adding another layer of ruffles or crystals over here to hide that … Read the rest


Winston likes class

One of Winston’s favorite things to do while we have classes going on here at the house is to pick one of the ladies’ bags to sleep on top of. Last week it was Nancy’s bags – what good taste he has!!

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Stitching away

In two weeks, the big Bead & Button Show 2010 teaching proposals deadline arrives. Be there, or be absent from B&B teaching! Gulp.

I’ve already got a few things done and ready to go, but you can really never have too many proposals for them, so I’ve been working out at least one additional project this week. When I sat down with the beads my brain was a total blank. No inspiration at ALL. But I knew I needed to … Read the rest


Weekend wore me out!

Wow – this was one heck of a weekend, and it traces all the way back to last Tuesday when Mom so innocently said, “Why don’t we stop at Ikea before we go home?” Little did I know her master plan!! We ended up purchasing some new cabinets for the office area where we also display seed beads and crystals for sale for the home classes. I’m thrilled to get new furniture that matches our desk and the cabinets in … Read the rest


K-9 Hunter – ATF

Many of my local students have had the honor of meeting Hunter, a very special dog who was part of Claire’s family. Hunter was an explosives dog for the ATF when he wasn’t busy attending bead classes with his mama, or playing with all the toys that Kathy so lovingly repaired, over and over.

Hunter was diagnosed with cancer last August, and retired from service in January. I’m so very sad to tell you guys that Hunter died Wednesday, July … Read the rest