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So many beads!

I honestly thought my days of blogging were over, but I guess I was wrong! Because here I am! While my use of Facebook really took over all of my time and attention the last few years, sometimes there was info that just didn’t quite fit on a Facebook post. Or at least it seemed awkward. So I’m turning my attention back here for some info and stories and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe the … Read the rest


It’s coming – our biggest ever Garage Sale!

Bead Garage Sale at Jill Wiseman Designs

What’s a Bead Garage Sale you might ask? Well, it’s lots and lots of beads at super bargain prices! Sometimes Jill makes ordering mistakes and orders WAY too much of a particular bead. Or maybe it’s some products we’re discontinuing so we can move fresh beads in. And it’s a lot of the little odd bits that accumulate over 12 years of a beading career.… Read the rest


Reunited (and it feels so good)

Operation Refresh was a complete success! What a relief to get a break for a few days and see some people I adore, meet new people to adore, and acquire far too much fabulous yarn! I left home without a single bead project and while it seemed scary, it was the right decision. It meant I could truly relax and not stress about the beading I should be doing back at the hotel room. I’ll have to try that on … Read the rest


Arguing with the beads

I feel like I’ve spent the last 10 days arguing (and losing the argument) with my beads. It happens. You’re going along perfectly happy in your relationship, and suddenly you hit a snag, and for a while you can’t stand to be around each other. That’s where things are between me and the beads. We’re not breaking up for good, mind you. We took a lifetime vow long ago and we’ll stick to it. But we do need a little … Read the rest


Is there still a place for blogging?

I miss blogging. There. I said it. I’ve thought about it for quite a while – usually when I have a good story to tell, or some cool news to impart. Sure I can do that on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – but for a story, nothing beats the format of a blog post.

And there’s a lot more of you out there to tell stories to now that the YouTube channel has taken off so well, and I find … Read the rest


Super Bowl Sunday – at home

I have a lot of new readers and new beaders coming to my blog now thanks to the traffic on my YouTube channel. So Hi there! That also means I need to explain to the newbies what Tucson is. Yes, a city! But in February, Tucson turns into the biggest and best bead and gem shopping experience in the US. There are 40+ shows that run in the city – everything from shows specializing in high-end cut gemstones and jewelry … Read the rest


Challenges bring opportunities

You guys know me – I don’t sugar coat things. I try hard to be realistic about what it’s like being a designer and business owner and human being. I tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. And honestly, 2013 has been the embodiment of the Charles Dickens quote, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

I had show income and class sign ups down significantly from prior years. But I also had some … Read the rest


First YouTube Project Releasing!

Hi Beaders!

I have never been as excited about my job as I have been the last two months. Between being able to roll out a whole new website design with a spiffy new shopping cart system that makes my life and your shopping experience about a bazillion times better, I’ve also been conjyoutube graphicuring up this whole new YouTube Channel for beaders!

Here’s how it works:

I’ll be posting a brand new video every Wednesday. Yes. Every. Single. Wednesday. … Read the rest



There’s always room for improvement in any business, and this one is no exception. I’m addicted to lovely, beautiful organization, but ironically haven’t ever really had the time to implement it. Things happen so fast around here that Mom and I are always throwing together a system that works in the moment, but might not be the best for the long term.

So it’s finally time to slow down a bit and uncomplicate my life a little bit. That’s the … Read the rest



Mom mentioned today that I’ve been cranky for a while now. Dang. I was  hoping I’d been hiding it better than I obviously have been. Even so, I do think a little cranky is way better than the deep depression I am usually overwhelmed with in December/January. I’ve had a few days here and there with the blues, but overall it’s been nothing at all like years in the past and I’m very grateful for that.

While I love taking … Read the rest