The good, the bad, and the ugly truth

I’m discovering that writing your first book is full of one learning experience after another. And by discovering, I mean the hard way! Just when I think I have it together…well, you can imagine. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned:

  • You make an outline at the start that has a visual description of each project that you have in your head. And when you actually start beading that design, it laughs at you and shows you what the real design is. Takeaway: Be flexible
  • When you sign that contract, the deadline for turning in your completed projects, instructions, and illustrations seems like a million months away. And then the calendar laughs at you and time speeds up and all of a sudden you’re behind and panicked. Takeaway: Pretend like it’s a race to get it finished as fast as possible and then you might make that deadline without having to take anti-anxiety medication.
  • The good news is that you’ve spent the last 10 years of your life collecting all the coolest seed beads, focal beads, clasps, and crystals, and it finally pays off as you’re making the collection of your life for the book. But then the beads laugh at you as you discover EVERY SINGLE TIME that while you have the perfect beads, you don’t have enough of them to finish the project in question. And remember that deadline? Yeah. Me too. Takeaway: Overnight shipping is your friend.
  • Above all else, trust in your vision. Because through the twists and turns, it will come together in the end – and you will look over the mountain of designs you created as you were feeling slightly out-of-control and off-kilter, careening down a steep mountain with no brakes, and like a miracle, the laughter stops and you realize it is beautiful and you couldn’t imagine making a single project any other way. Takeaway: Dang. This is so much fun!


From June: I have now counted over 32,000 special color coat 2mm Swarovski crystals into individual baggies of 51, and I’ve updated the website. Yes, it was a lot of work, but only what you’d expect from Tapestry Bead’s Employee of the Month (for 2 straight months!). If you haven’t used 2mm Swarovski crystals before, they’re about the size of a size 11 seed bead. Tiny. Yummy! Here’s a list of the colors we have in stock.

  • Aqua AB
  • Black Diamond Vitrial
  • Champagne Aqua
  • Chili Pepper
  • Crystal AB
  • Crystal Copper
  • Cyclamen Opal
  • Emerald/Sahara
  • Indian Pink AB
  • Jet Doroado
  • Light Amethyst Verde
  • Light Colorado Topaz/Tabac
  • Light Rose Rosaline
  • Light Sapphire AB
  • Light Siam Iridescent
  • Olivine AB
  • Peridot Sphinx
  • Sapphire Sahara
  • Tanzanite AB
  • Tanzanite Light Vitrial
  • Tanzanite Titan
  • Topaz Glazier

What’s your favorite 2mm Swarovski color?

And the winner is….

Drum roll, please!

I used the online random number generator, and it picked number… 

So the first Natalie to comment (I’m sorry – it doesn’t show your email address) should email me and we’ll get you all set up with your free class!

I’ve been busy working on projects for the book like a mad woman. I’m so very pleased with the way things are looking and coming together at this point. It’s an interesting challenge, not only in the designing of projects, but also having to keep an eye on the overall content and how it flows. Making sure the mix of bracelets/necklaces/earrings is good. Being consistent with a color story, but not making everything the SAME. Keeping true to my own design vision of modern, contemporary pieces that you’ll wear in your daily life. It’s keeping me on my toes!

I’m Baaaaack!

I feel like I’ve been on a world-wide odyssey, but it’s been less than that, of course. My three week trip to Shreveport, New Jersey, and Philadelphia was quite the trek, full of adventures like saving an ungrateful snapper turtle on the road, torrential rains, me sleeping through the Virginia earthquake, and lots and lots of fun beading moments. I swear I slept for days when I returned!

And as I finally recovered, it was all to apparent that I needed to be working on book projects like YESTERDAY. So I hunkered down to do that. A quick weekend trip to teach at Beads by Blanche in New Jersey last weekend broke things up, but now I’m back to book, book, book all the time!

BUT! I have something really cool and important to share with you before I start talking about book stuff. Because my next two classes with have launched! And we figured it was a good time to have another blog contest to celebrate!

Blog Contest

Ogalala Lace

All you have to do is leave a comment on this page, or if you have trouble, you can email me at to enter. I’ll collect entries until Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 6pm CST. Then I’ll announce the winner here on Friday! The lucky winner will receive a free class of his or her choice.

The new classes are Parisian Lights, and Ogalala Lace Bracelet. SO much fun! Check them out!

Parisian Lights

Cost of doing business

Sometimes we will get one of two comments from a customer:

1. “Wow, the prices on your kits are so reasonable.”
2. “Why are your kit prices so high?”
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A lot of factors go into pricing a kit that have nothing to do with the cost of be raw materials.

First and foremost, you’re paying for the design itself and the instructions for the design. How much a design is “worth” is kind of subjective and varies with individual designers. Then hours and hours of work go into writing instructions and drawing diagrams that are easy to understand. Patterns are printed, so add the cost of paper and laser ink toner. You would not believe how much printer toner we go through – at almost $900 a set.

When you see us at a show, most people don’t think about the our costs (and generally, they shouldn’t!). But those costs must also factor into our kits. Consider our most recent show, Bead Fest in Philadelphia.

  • Jill drove so that we would have all of our merchandise: Austin to King of Prussia: 1,663 miles each way.Our car, the wonderful Element, gets 22-24 miles per gallon. Cost of gas: $500+
  • Several days of hotel driving to and from Philadelphia. Cost of hotels: $400+
  • I flew to Philadelphia for two reasons: so the animals wouldn’t be alone as long, and because the car was packed from floor to ceiling. Cost of airfare: $250
  • Which reminds me – we had to get a pet sitter for the 6 days I was gone. Cost: $150
  • Booth space at the show: $
  • Hotel while we we were at the show: $700
  • Cost of meals on the road. Who knows?

When we’re home, we have costs to subscribe to a postage system, and mailing costs themselves. When the economy tanked, we started doing free shipping, but did not raise any prices. Additionally, we have all the smaller fees: for the website, for

My brief love affair with an iPad

Random things that make me happy

  • Magazines without perfume ads – the strong scents make me sneeze if they’re in there! I used to pull out all the inserts from the mags and then would have to let them sit and “breathe” for a few days. But I finally got smart and emailed all the subscription customer service folks and ask for scent-free issues to be delivered to me. What a difference!

Workedy working

Do you know how much 12,000 baggies weigh? I do! I just ordered that many (in 6 different sizes) and the box that is due to be delivered tomorrow is 44lbs. That’s around a 4-5 month supply for me. It’s totally nuts, but also totally necessary for the kits.

I was doubly productive today with Mom’s help. Not only did I work on finishing up some samples that needed to get shipped out, but Mom managed to knock out my entire backlog of shipping random things that needed to go out. AND I got my email inbox back down to under 50! My goal is to whittle that down to 30 before I leave on the road trip next week. Baby steps in getting caught up, but I’m really feeling the difference.

Now, if I could only spend the next week doing nothing but beading!! My one big freak out this week is getting the samples made and photographed to ship out to Bead & Button next Friday. I also have to price out the class kits and write descriptions… I only have one figured out for sure. I’m working on a few others, but they need some time and attention. Luckily with the temperatures hitting 100+ every single day in Austin, I basically don’t leave the house at all so beading time is easy to come by that way.

Not the most exciting blog post in the world, but the reality is I’m just slogging away on chores for the moment!

Miami Report

The July meeting of the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild

I just got back from a five day trip to Miami, Florida, to teach some classes for the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild. What a wonderful group of women down there! On Thursday night was the monthly group meeting, which was attended by roughly 40 enthusiastic Guild members. I saw some really amazing pieces of jewelry adorning bodies! Artists doing everything from polymer clay to fused glass, and PMC to beadweaving – all facets of jewelry arts were well represented among the membership.

And I was lucky enough (and brave enough) to teach the group a new earring project that I developed just for them called Whirligig Earrings. Most of the women left with at least one earring completed, and some wore their finished set out the door! The earrings were definitely a hit, and I will be rolling them out as a new kit in the very near future. I have to restock first!! They bought me out!!

As is true all across the country, the weather was less than delightful. Hot. Rainy. Muggy. But we had beads, excellent food, and even better…BEADS! I taught a total of five classes in five days, and came back with a significantly lighter load of kits. I’m very grateful to the ladies of the Guild for inviting me to come visit and I hope they adore their new jewelry!!

Mariela Corte & I after the Rosetta Suite Class

So now that I’m home I’m facing 10 days to restock kits, develop my class submissions for the 2012 Bead & Button Show, and do anything else I need to do before I leave on a 21 day road trip. My goal for tonight is to take a kit inventory so I can figure out what kits need to be made, and what supplies have to be ordered pronto! Having Mom here to help is such a wonderful thing…

Drum roll, please….

And the lucky winner of our Free Online Class contest is…..

Sarah Dockery! 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and left such wonderful comments on the blog, and also those who have been so supportive on Facebook. Making the videos was initially quite a scary-feeling stretch for me, but in the end was such a fun and fulfilling experience. Stay tuned…because there are two more classes that are scheduled to release this fall!

Here are a few photos from our video shoot that I have been waiting to share with you…

We used some of my jewelry for a gorgeous display in the background!

Try not being intimidated by THAT camera staring at you!

The view from my chair. I would look in the monitor to see if my hands were centered.

My makeup crew!I’m ready for my close-up….

The mess outside the camera frame! That’s how you know I was there!