So many beads!

I honestly thought my days of blogging were over, but I guess I was wrong! Because here I am! While my use of Facebook really took over all of my time and attention the last few years, sometimes there was info that just didn’t quite fit on a Facebook post. Or at least it seemed awkward. So I’m turning my attention back here for some info and stories and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. Maybe the blog and I just needed a break – not a break up!

For one thing, I thought the blog would be a great place for me to let everyone know about the new products added recently to our website. I’ll also be sharing new YouTube video content, and of COURSE sharing family and business stories too!

The first of our recent shop additions are some cool new SuperDuos with what they call a “tweedy” finish. It’s multiple colors dappled on the beads. I really like them!! We’ve added 10 colors – my fav being the Violet (surprise!), but all of them are super cool and interesting.

Tweedy SuperDuos

We’ve also added a new type of beading thread called Hana Thread. The story on the development of this thread is interesting. The founder, Midori Matsui, started and ran a thriving wholesale ribbon business until she turned it over to her daughter who continues success with it. In the meantime, Midori became a beadweaver and realized that if she could make ribbon, she probably could develop and make thread too – and Hana Thread was born!

The colors are vibrant, colorfast, and rich looking. Each spool is 109 yards, and is 330DTEX which is the equivalent of about a B size thread. It is pre-waxed (YAY!) and has the strength and quality of KO and SONO threads. So far I have used it only on a single project, but I was very pleased with the performance – there was no fraying, and even though a B weight thread is a little thin for me usually, I had no issues with the Hana. (And let me just say here that my only B thread experience was with Nymo, a thread I don’t use at all any more because there are so many better ones on the market now.) And because a B weight thread is thinner than a D weight, that means a few more passes through a small bead are possible too.

There are 12 colors and we’re carrying them all.

All 12 colors!

We have many more products sitting here, waiting in the wings to be bagged, priced, tagged, photographed, and entered on the website. I have been buying far faster than we can keep up with adding! So I’m trying to be good and taking a pause on the new product acquisitions. But it’s really really really hard! Because I love buying!!