Reunited (and it feels so good)

Operation Refresh was a complete success! What a relief to get a break for a few days and see some people I adore, meet new people to adore, and acquire far too much fabulous yarn! I left home without a single bead project and while it seemed scary, it was the right decision. It meant I could truly relax and not stress about the beading I should be doing back at the hotel room. I’ll have to try that on vacations again in the future!

I definitely took the weekend at my own pace. Slept late, skipped a class (or two) because I felt like I’d rather be sleeping. I was able to snag my wonderful friend Marly Bird, who is a superstar knitting and crochet teacher, for dinner one night – a super special treat for me! I love my Marly. I splurged on some special yarns, including some Baby Alpaca that’s beyond soft – it’s like touching a cloud! And by Sunday I was ready to head back home to the fur kids and Mom and yes, even the beads.

So Monday I spent time ordering supplies (I do this several times a week these days to keep up) and then was able to stitch and finalize one more of the projects that must be done before I leave on Thursday for Toronto and BeadFX. Today I’m going to be at the office quite late, working on the other four that need to be done. One is just figuring out the colorway. The other three will be quickies, but they have required some new tools that have left me making several trips to the store to pick up as I figure it out. The good news is that I AM figuring it out, and this will all be good info to share with y’all on a future YouTube project.

I’m heading out for a workout at the gym with my trainer now (I’m so fancy) so I can keep up with all the bead ladies! I promise pretty pictures on the next post. Really. Pinky swear.

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