Arguing with the beads

I feel like I’ve spent the last 10 days arguing (and losing the argument) with my beads. It happens. You’re going along perfectly happy in your relationship, and suddenly you hit a snag, and for a while you can’t stand to be around each other. That’s where things are between me and the beads. We’re not breaking up for good, mind you. We took a lifetime vow long ago and we’ll stick to it. But we do need a little time apart so we can both breathe and get back to a better place.

So this weekend I’m cheating on the beads with yarn. Lots and lots of soft, fluffy, colorful, happy yarn. I’ll be in the Dallas area for three solid days at Stitches Texas, a knitting (and crochet) show – taking classes – and SHOPPING (I was looking at my credit card balances a few minutes ago, planning my limits *cough*) and spending time with knitting friends. And for the first time in probably 10 years, I did not bring a single beading project with me. I packed a Bead On It Board at the last minute which is kind of funny since I don’t have beads, thread, or needles with me…(shaking my head.)

I love the various projects I designed over the last few weeks – it’s been the colorways that have been fighting back and refusing to cooperate like a tired two-year-old. My hope is that by the time I return Sunday night, the beads and I both will have gotten over our temper tantrums and be back to partners like we should be.

In the meantime, expect some yarn porn photos coming to this space soon.

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