First YouTube Project Releasing!

Hi Beaders!

I have never been as excited about my job as I have been the last two months. Between being able to roll out a whole new website design with a spiffy new shopping cart system that makes my life and your shopping experience about a bazillion times better, I’ve also been conjyoutube graphicuring up this whole new YouTube Channel for beaders!

Here’s how it works:

I’ll be posting a brand new video every Wednesday. Yes. Every. Single. Wednesday. Rain? Hail? Sleet? Sloth? Doesn’t matter. There’s gonna be a video. Yes, I’m nuts – but you figured that out a long time ago. What will the videos be? Well….

  • Basic Beadweaving Techniques
  • Tips, tricks, info about materials, tools, patterns, resources
  • Interviews and beader-at-the-show glimpses of my travels to the best bead shows in the country (and internationally!)
  • Free projects
  • Project Companion Videos

Let me talk for a second about that last one…

I discovered this great concept when I stumbled onto it via a knitting pattern I purchased from Very Pink Knits. When I purchased her Learn to Knit a Sweater pattern, not only did it come with the usual written pattern via PDF (or e-Book) but it also had links in the pattern to videos on YouTube. And in those videos, she demonstrated exactly what she was talking about in the pattern! I thought it was absolutely genius to marry the two mediums into a perfect way to learn a new project.

You know how no matter how good the instructions and illustrations or photos are in a pattern, sometimes you really wish you could see it being done? Well, now you can! It’s like having me demo the steps right there with you!

The Project Companion Videos are not meant to be stand-alone videos. You will still need the instructions for the details. I’ll have those instructions available for purchase on my new website, along with optional kits that include the materials too. I think this is a huge added value to the instructions and kits, and I can’t wait to keep building that content!

Last week I launched the channel with the first three Technique videos. Today, I’m releasing the first Project Companion Video for my beloved Sleek Bracelet. Sleek Bracelet

I hope you will check it all out – the new website, the YouTube Channel, and the Sleek Bracelet. I feel like I’m giving birth to a bunch of 10lb babies all at once. But the pain is worth it. I’m a very proud Mama.

PS, Winston sez it ain’t a blog post until there’s a fur baby photo too. So here you go – the gratuitous cute doggies picture.


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  1. Your youtube instructions are wonderful and I will be looking forward to more.
    I just finished making the Sleek Bracelet from your kit and it’s beautiful but I can see that I need more practice working with delicas so I wondered if you have beads in other colors for this kit.
    Keep you the great designing!


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