Mom mentioned today that I’ve been cranky for a while now. Dang. I was  hoping I’d been hiding it better than I obviously have been. Even so, I do think a little cranky is way better than the deep depression I am usually overwhelmed with in December/January. I’ve had a few days here and there with the blues, but overall it’s been nothing at all like years in the past and I’m very grateful for that.

While I love taking a break from the traveling life for a while, the truth of the matter is that I’m such a hermit at home that it gets ridiculous. I don’t leave the house for two weeks at a time. Seriously. Which I love, but it also means a LOT of together time for Mom and me and that’s where my crankies come in. I have only recently figured out how much I love silence a good part of the day. Isn’t it funny that it’s taken me to this point in my life to figure that out??? Where have I BEEN?? So the interruptions from the dogs and the staff start to get me – um – cranky – though no fault of their own. It’s my problem and I

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