Drum roll, please….

And the lucky winner of our Beaducation.com Free Online Class contest is…..

Sarah Dockery! 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and left such wonderful comments on the blog, and also those who have been so supportive on Facebook. Making the videos was initially quite a scary-feeling stretch for me, but in the end was such a fun and fulfilling experience. Stay tuned…because there are two more classes that are scheduled to release this fall!

Here are a few photos from our video shoot that I have been waiting to share with you…

We used some of my jewelry for a gorgeous display in the background!

Try not being intimidated by THAT camera staring at you!

The view from my chair. I would look in the monitor to see if my hands were centered.

My makeup crew!I’m ready for my close-up….

The mess outside the camera frame! That’s how you know I was there!

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