Finally, the long awaited BnB Show stash

I think I promised y’all these photos about a month ago. Maybe even six weeks. But here they are! Now remember, I hardly had a moment of time to shop while I was at the Bead & Button Show this year, so it’s not as extensive a shopping haul as I would have liked. When I submitted my class proposals for next year’s show, I told them I can’t teach on Friday – my plan is to spend that day at least in the Expo Hall so I can help at the booth and both Mom and I can go browsing.

First off, one of the special things (among many!) about the Meet the Teacher’s event each year, is that Swarovski sponsors it, and they provide a special gift for the teachers. This year’s swag was the best ever!

You know it’s going to be good when you get a whole box…
OH MY! New colors and shapes and I’m feeling faint now…

I have to admit, I haven’t actually delved into the box yet to use the components because I get so much pleasure out of the whole treasure chest nature of it. I don’t want to open it up and find empty spots!

I also managed to do some quick focal bead damage.

And then there was my spree at the always awesome Green Girl Studios booth. I took an overall shot, and then some close ups of my very favorite clasps.

I couldn’t resist that cute Puffer Fish!

Green Girls Studios Flower & Bee clasp
Smaller scale flower & leaf clasp
The key to my heart!

 Excuse me…I think I need to go fondle them all again…

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  1. The fact that it took you so long to share it with us is hard enough to believe … but that you have had this stash since the beginning of february (6 months ago) and have not done anything with them is truly unbelievable…..


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