List update

How is Jill doing on that list? Let’s check in, shall we?

My List:

  • Find all the samples to take to Houston Quilt Show (HQS) – They are all in a big pile on the studio table. I haven’t checked them off the list to make sure I have them all, though. Sometimes they migrate in the house.
  • Buy dowel to hang banner for HQS – Mom surprised me and took care of this yesterday. Thanks, Mom!
  • Finish making kit samples that need to be shipped to Fusion for photos – haven’t touched
  • Finish making kits that need to be shipped to Fusion on Thursday – all are done that aren’t waiting on beads. I have a delivery of some of the beads today, and two more deliveries to me at the hotel in Houston on Wednesday.
  • Finish making kits that need to go with me to Houston on Wednesday – close. So close. I’ve got to make some more Hollywood Hula Hoops, some Twisted Sister in green/bronze, and some Foxy Mama’s in both colors. But that’s it.
  • Laundry to cloth myself in Houston – Done!
  • Bank – deposit, and get change for cash register (closed Monday) – waiting until after the mail comes today because I’m expecting a few checks.
  • Oh yeah – get Mom to reprogram cash register – she’ll probably do in Houston during set up tomorrow afternoon.
  • Pack and mail website orders that came in this weekend (closed Monday) – all packed – ready to mail when I leave for the bank.
  • Re-order Night at the Opera instructions- not gonna happen before I leave. Next week.
  • Write Crystal Bangle instructions and email – might still happen
  • Pack booth stuff to leave for Houston on Wednesday morning – tonight as we load up the car for an 8am exodus.
  • Pack personal stuff to leave for Houston on Wednesday morning (see “laundry” above) – always my last thing, although I’ve already set aside a few bead projects to take with me. Of course!

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  1. Looks like you are organized even if you don’t get it all done before you leave. Have fun in Houston. Lila


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